Our Mission

We are committed to our clients to find great investment opportunities in O&G, Mining, Real Estate or Other Industries, introducing them to Private Funding, offering Consulting, and 2nd Opinion Services.

Our Values

In every project, we strive to provide excellent service, support, deep understanding of the industry and extensible network, treating our clients like business partners and measuring our performance by their success.

Our Solution

Understand the client's priorities and needs to provide a service to meet those needs. Partnering with them bringing advice, development and practical implementation techniques based on our years of experience.

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Get returns better than you might on wall street and main street businesses! In just 90 - 360 days make double what you invested! The rewards are well worth the risk for gap fund program. There is a gap between quality deals and funders which you can fill in return for
Special Note: The Temporary Gap Fund Project has been submitted to Private Business Network on 01-21-2020. At the time of your review, this project may be old, no longer available, has been funded, updated, or sold to a third party. If you have a genuine interest in this project, please chat or contact us, mentioning the Project Name, and your interest by clicking on your right bottom screen the blue dot envelope.
Business Name
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City / State
United States
Business Start Date
March 2019
Business Entity
Limited Liability Company
Business Stage
Seed Stage
Business Activity
International Business
Company Website
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First Name
Last Name
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Acting as
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Mobile Phone
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Project Ownership
PBN Membership*
e-News Subs*
Project Name
Temporary Gap Fund
Request Category
Finance & Insurance
Project Type
Real estate, project finance, business finance
Request Funding
Seed Funding
Request Amount
Funding Purpose
The funds will be use as temporary gap funds to help close large project finance deals for very goo ROI at 50-100% return
Collateral Type
not applicable
Collateral Value
Acceptable Terms
The proposition is simple. We are seeking a investor funding partner to provide bridge funds to close quality deal in exchange for very ,very good returns . Example client has been approved for USD 100M. Needs USD 100k to close deal, you step in and provide that 100k . In 90 days to 1 year you get a return of 200-300k,( depending on how long it takes to close), double your investment.
Short Overview
Get returns better than you might on wall street and main street businesses! In just 90 - 360 days make double what you invested! The rewards are well worth the risk for gap fund program. There is a gap between quality deals and funders which you can fill in return for
General Info
- approve projects to invest in
- only short term investment
- good ROI with best effort
- Invest in projects from $M to Billions
- easy, passive investments with opportunity to do your own due diligence
What do you do?
We are matchmakers connecting people with mutually beneficial interests. We connect project and principals to check-writers and buyers to sellers
Who are you?
Our company brokers businesses, deals, projects, and principals. See more at ( more info ... ). We are boutique firm studiously working to meet client goals
Project stage?
Seed State
Your Customers?
Businesses, Principals, Investors
Do you have A/R?
How do you do it?
receive many projects and deals and broker them to our family of buyers, funders and investors
Make money?
With this fund, investment, investors stand to make very good ROI
3 years forecast
Year 1 Gross - 1 Million
Year 2 - 2.5 million
Year 3 - 5 Million
How will pay back?
Loan to be paid from cash flow on closed deals
Some of the transactions may be completed or outdated at the time of your access. MC International and Private Business Network take no responsibility and assume no liability for errors, misclassifications, misinterpretation or non-insertions contained on those submissions and interested parties should rely on their own valuation review. Furthermore, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness of such opportunities, provided documentation and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of the documents or presented transaction. The information on this listing is not intended to be used as individual investment or tax advice, there are significant risks associated with investing in ventures, and the provided information is for general purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell any securities. Participation on these Projects is suitable only for individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, trusts or other entities with adequate financial means who are Accredited Investors and have no need for liquidity with respect to such investments.

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