Our Mission

We are committed to our clients to find great investment opportunities in O&G, Mining, Real Estate or Other Industries, introducing them to Private Funding, offering Consulting, and 2nd Opinion Services.

Our Values

In every project, we strive to provide excellent service, support, deep understanding of the industry and extensible network, treating our clients like business partners and measuring our performance by their success.

Our Solution

Understand the client's priorities and needs to provide a service to meet those needs. Partnering with them bringing advice, development and practical implementation techniques based on our years of experience.

Welcome to the Private Business Network, an introductory business hub platform broth to you by MCI Group LLC, offering business consulting and support to Entrepreneurs, Financial Providers, and Consultants to meet their business needs. The PBN platform provides free access to qualified businesses to submit their Projects or find specific Projects for further review and consideration.
Here is How to?
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Log-in   -   Simplify logins for end-users as well providing security to our system. We don't see or track users LinkedIn login info, and after successful login, the user will be revert to Private Business Network Private Area.
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Sign-up   -   All interested EntrepreneursFinancial Providers, and Consultants may request a free Private Business Network membership.  Please review  Consulting Disclaimer &  Privacy Policy for more info on how Private Business Network handles submitted listings and docs. All the PBN Members will receive by default a free e-News Announcement ( Private Business Network Channel ) with the option to  opt-out any time.
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Subscribe to e-News Channels   -   The Subscribers receive tailored News or Alerts on the Projects and Services submitted to Private Business Network for further review and consideration, delivered directly to their specified email address. Subscribers can opt-in/opt-out anytime to/from a specific list using the Subscribe/Unsubscribe link on the bottom of the received announcements or Managing Subscription on our website.
PBN - Submit Project
Submit Your Project   -   Before submitting your project, make sure you are a Private Business Network member, and you are login as a Consultant, Entrepreneur, or Financial Provider in our network using the LinkedIn credentials. By submitting info, listing, or documents, you agree to our Privacy PolicyTerms of Use, and Consulting Policy, confirming that you have the authority to provide this information on behalf of your organization. Upon your project quality, approval and interest, your project will be found in Market Place and contacted for further review and consideration.
PBN - Market Place
Market Place   -   Projects around the country and the world, where multiple Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitals, Investors, Equity Founders, and Lenders come together to submit or request Projects or Services:
PBN - Contact us
Contact Private Business Network   -   Need help or support with your submission or your project? Interested in working together, learning more about Private Business Network, available Products, Projects, and Services, or have a general question? We would love to hear from you.
MCI - Contact us
Contact MCI Group LLC   -   Interested in working together, learning more about MCI Group LLC, Private Business Network, available Products, Projects, and Services, or have a general question? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
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Your PBN Account   -   My Account gives you quick access to your account information, view your listings, view/edit your profile, subscribe/remove from a specific e-News Channel, including:
  • View User Info, Account ID & View/Edit Your Profile
  • Your Last Network Access & Your Active Submissions
  • Manage Your e-News Subscription
  • View Subscription History, Renew/Update Your Membership Plan
PBN - Download Docs
Download Docs   -   The Business Agreements are made between two or more parties whenever they are interested in conducting a business venture or deal amongst themselves, consisting of specific terms and conditions based on which the parties sign it. The provided Documents are in PDF & Word format. Please Log-in First and select the most appropriate category to download the specific document.
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